Simone Says

Simone Says

“Simone Says” is a media art installation that was done along with Fredrik Josefsson, Danil Lündback and Bengt Sjölén. It was displayed at the Swedish National Museum of Science and Technology, Stockholm from August 1st, 2017 to November 30th, 2017. It was commissioned by the Swedish Research Council.

The installation has a giant head projected onto a huge wall, which instructs the participants to stand in a line. It observes the scene by using 4 cameras mounted at 4 corners of the space, and analyses the scene to figure out the positions, pose, gender, expressions of the all the individuals present in the scene, and uses that information to understand deviations by the users from its previous instructions and computes further instructions for the participants given the deviations.

The installation also had an educational component which had visualisations of the internals of the deep neural networks which were used to arrive at most of the decisions; this was to help more intuitive communicate how modern day artificial intelligence processes information to arrive at a said conclusion.

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