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#!/usr/bin/env python
print("Hello World")



Time Travelling Microscope

An AI & Art Installation which imagines how a microscope might have affected the creations of various famous artists in the history.


A platform for organising machine learning challenges on a variety of problems in OpenScience using OpenData.

Simone Says

A media-art installation on interactive Artificial Intelligence at Swedish National Technical Museum

Learning to Run

Using reinforcement learning to teach musculoskeletal models how to walk

Plant Disease Detection

Using deep learning for detection of plant diseases from images of plant leaves


A Visual Programming Framework for NLP Applications

CERN Public Computing Challenge

A volunteer computing platform for donating your computing power to CERN for running PYTHIA simulations.

Yet Another 3D Controller

An open-source web based framework to use smart phones as an intuitive 3d controller.

Brother Hunt

An educational 3D game about a stray hydrogen atom inside the Large Hadron Collider

Mother Hunt

A role playing 3D game about a Muon at CERN, trying to figure out the reason of its existence.

Smart Dog

A prototype of an arduino+raspberry-pi based harness for demining-dogs to increase their operational efficiency.

Wordament Bot

A prototype of bot for Wordment and Wordhero, which plays the game at superhuman speeds by simulating swipes and always guarantees an international rank 1

Geotag X

A Crowdsourcing platform to help in disaster relief efforts at UNOSAT