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#!/usr/bin/env python
print("Hello World")



Simone Says

A media-art installation on interactive Artificial Intelligence at Swedish National Technical Museum

Learning to Run

Using reinforcement learning to teach musculoskeletal models how to walk


A platform for organising Machine Learning challenges on open datasets around Open Science.

Plant Disease Detection

Using deep learning for detection of plant diseases from images of plant leaves


A Visual Programming Framework for NLP Applications

CERN Public Computing Challenge

A volunteer computing platform for donating your computing power to CERN for running PYTHIA simulations.

Yet Another 3D Controller

An open-source web based framework to use smart phones as an intuitive 3d controller.

Brother Hunt

An educational 3D game about a stray hydrogen atom inside the Large Hadron Collider

Mother Hunt

A role playing 3D game about a Muon at CERN, trying to figure out the reason of its existence.

Smart Dog

A prototype of an arduino+raspberry-pi based harness for demining-dogs to increase their operational efficiency.

Wordament Bot

A prototype of bot for Wordment and Wordhero, which plays the game at superhuman speeds by simulating swipes and always guarantees an international rank 1

Geotag X

A Crowdsourcing platform to help in disaster relief efforts at UNOSAT