Wordament Bot


A lot of you out there have been addicts of some mobile game at one point or another. I am no different, neither are half of my neighbours !! After having wasted quite some time on wordament, I wrote this Wordament bot which plays on my behalf now O:-) , and it kind of guaranatees me a rank 1 in almost every game I play 3:-)

The idea is, I enter the grid of words, and then it does an exhaustive search in the grid for dictionary words and generates a sequence of swipes that it will need to complete the game. A lot of words from the dictionary have been randomly pruned, just to make sure the bot doesnot find out ALL the possible words, and hence flag an alarm if at all there is some bot detection mechanism in place. The Swipe speed, etc have also been tuned so atleast it appears like a human is playing the game.
Thesee are more of ANTI-bot detection mechanisms to beat a bot detector if at all. .(Though I do not see any bot detection mechanism in wordament except the detection of lots of wrong swipes)

Here is a demo of the Wordament bot ::

I also modified the Wordament bot to work with Wordhero which is again another popular game pretty much like wordament. I just had to calibrate the previous script to work with the wordhero screen positionings. Here is a demo ::

Note : This is a proof of concept script, and it was not written with the intention to harm any organizations. In case ANYONE has any issues with these videos, please shoot me a mail at [email protected], and I will be happy to have these videos removed ::)