Kathaa is a Visual Programming Framework for Sampark Machine Translation System.

Although it was built for Sampark Machine Translation System, it is highly flexible, and can accommodate any practically any other system, as long as you can safely represent the unit-task at hand by a single function which takes some inputs, and spits out some outputs :D.

The goal of this Framework is to empower researchers to design and tinker with complex NLP workflows irrespective of their technical proficiency, and hopefully to bridge the gap between Linguists and Computational Linguists.

The vision of this Framework is to make creation of NLP workflows as easy as creating an online survey like Google Form (which in retrospect was a highly time and resource consuming task just a few years ago).

Apart from that, its completely open source, for you to break it apart, and change it into something even better !! Looking forward to your pull requests at : https://github.com/spMohanty/kathaa

And the whole setup is currently live at : http://kathaa.ilmt.iiit.ac.in

Here is a small demo video explaining the major features of kathaa :