CERN Public Computing Challenge

CERN Public Computing Challenge

An attempt to use the computing power of thousands of idle CPUs of citizens all around the world to help science take its next leap. This project is yet to be launched, and this attempts to gamify citizen cyberscience by providing real time feed of contribution statistics, hence making the whole challenge a grand game where citizens all over the world participate by donating their idle computing power to make yet another new discovery.

Fifteen days

The CERN 60 Public Computing Challenge is a 15-day event, where we invite volunteers around the world to help us compute simulations of particle collisions in the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) and other particle accelerators that have been active around the world during the 60 years of CERN’s history.

testing technology

The challenge will allow us to do two things: one is to create a large database of results for a new science learning game which is due to be launched in 2015, as part of the Citizen Cyberlab project. The other is to test a new browser-based approach to volunteer computing, which will be used in the game.

for a virtual atom smasher.

We’re excited to see how many people get involved in the challenge over two weeks, and how much computing we can get done with your help. Can we reach rates of simulated particle collisions that rival the actual rate at which the LHC stores data, and create a virtual atom smasher? That is the CERN 60 Public Computing Challenge.

You can find more details about the Test4Theory Challenge at :